Old Pueblo Trolley

An Operating Transit Museum


Old Pueblo Trolley, Inc. is a not-for-profit museum dedicated to the preservation and presentation of historic streetcars, buses and railroads.

Street Railway Division   Bus Division   The Southern Arizona Transportation Museum
The Streetcar Railway Division restores, maintains and operated trolley cars on University Boulevard and Fourth Avenue until construction began for the SunLink modern streetcar.    The Bus Division restores and maintains examples of transit buses that were used in Tucson and southern Arizona over the past eight decades.   The Southern Arizona Transportation Museum Division is housed in the Tucson Historic Depot.


NEWS: After 18 ½ years of serving the community, Old Pueblo Trolley’s operation of historic streetcars was suspended in late October 2011 in order for construction of the modern streetcar project to begin operation in the Summer of 2014. Old Pueblo Trolley is engaged in meetings with the City of Tucson aimed at resumption of historic trolley operations along with the modern streetcars.

VOLUNTEER to help with the preparation for operating with the modern streetcar! Join volunteers who continue restoration and maintenance work on the trolleys. You are needed for this important work!

TOURS of the ongoing work at the trolley barn can be arranged by appointment.









  • Excellent exhibits on the history of railroading in Southern Arizona and its impact on Tucson.